Deepen Your Knowledge of Japanese Teas

Japan has a fascinating tea history and cultural landscape. From the popular green teas to the lesser known types such as oolongs, black and fermented teas, the world of Japanese teas offers a diverse space for personal and professional exploration.

Japanese Tea Foundation Course

The Japanese Tea Foundation Course helps you build a solid base for your Japanese tea journey. It covers theoretical and practical concepts and provides hands-on experience. Topics include learning the history, cultivation and production methods, tasting and comparing various Japanese teas, and exploring different infusion techniques. Not only will you get to brew and taste a variety of Japanese teas, but the course will also touch on two different tea ceremonies - Senchado and Chado.

Certification from Kyoto

You will be awarded a certificate from the Global Japanese Tea Association upon completing and passing the exam from the Japanese Tea Foundation course. We’re honoured to partner with the Global Japanese Tea Association (GJTEA) to bring their certified tea courses to Canada. Based in Kyoto, Japan, GJTA offers a first-of-its-kind and the most comprehensive program on Japanese tea for non-Japanese speakers. The program is divided into three tiers, with the final course only available in Kyoto and acceptance requires the completion of the Foundation and Intermediate courses.

Ready to deepen your Japanese tea knowledge and take your passion to new heights? Take a look at what the course entails.

  • Learn

    You will learn a variety of topics to establish a strong foundational knowledge of Japanese teas. This include: history and origin of tea in Japan, cultivation and production methods, tea preparation and evaluation, and more.

  • Experience

    The 8 hours of training includes presentations, demonstrations and hands on activities for an immersive learning experience. You will also taste 15 high quality Japanese teas and use professional tea ware for brewing.

  • Dates & Fee

    The 2-Day course will run on April 13 & 20 from 10:00 - 2:30 PM

    Fees: CAD$475

Jan - Japanese Tea Specialist - Teakan Tea Company Vancouver Canada

Meet Your Instructor

Jan is the Global Japanese Tea Association representative for Western Canada, a devoted chado and senchado practitioner, and Teakan’s Japanese tea specialist.

As a graduate of the Japanese Tea Master Course in Kyoto, Jan's passion is to share her knowledge and help you build a solid foundation on Japanese tea and culture.

GJTEA Tea Master Class 2023 Oct

About the Global Japanese Tea Association

Global Japanese Tea Association is a membership-driven, non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to spark growth in the Japanese tea world through global education and collaboration.