• Vol. 5 Tea Exploration Kit Is Here!

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Brew, Sip & Go On A Journey

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A unique and delicious journey

I'm so delighted by the selection of teas in this kit. I'm familiar with many Chinese black teas, but the Dian Hong and Jin Jun Mei (from Vol 3) in particular surprised me with their unique look and flavour profile. I can't wait for the next kit!

Alex T.

A great experience for exploring teas

Teakan's kit really is more than a product, it's a very good experience that balance different levels of tea knowledge, either you are newbie or an expert, you would enjoy the process.

Moises H.

Such an exciting discovery!

The Longjing tea (Vol. 2) absolutely blew me away. Such an exciting discovery. I've admittedly been hesitant trying green teas because there are so many low quality, bitter, astringent ones on the market. Happy to be discovering this new world of tea through such knowledgeable folx!

Alice H.

An exploration kit so worth the price!

The price is so worth it because I’ve personally got these teas individually before and they can cost a lot and take up a lot of space so this kit is great for exploring different batches of teas in smaller amounts.