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Such an exciting discovery!

The Longjing tea absolutely blew me away. Such an exciting discovery. I've admittedly been hesitant trying green teas because there are so many low quality, bitter, astringent ones on the market. Happy to be discovering this new world of tea through such knowledgeable folx!

Alice H.

Can't wait to try the others!

The Darjeeling was right up my alley, very smooth and clean, but the Tie Guan Yin was really tasty! It was like summer in a cup! Can't wait to try the others.

Daniel P.

The kits were sold out!

Hoping to get some oolong tea but it was all sold out. I was in love with it. Thanks for letting me try some freshly brewed oolong (at the Vancouver Tea Festival). What a treat!

Alice L.

Flavourful Milan Xiang from Vol. 1

The Milan Xiang has such a strong honey orchid aroma that I almost want to call it a flavoured tea! The floral flavour was very impactful with a bit of woody and toasty taste to it.