About Us

A women-owned boutique Tea Company based in Vancouver Canada, Teakan is a curator of innovative and modern tea experiences, while honouring tea’s rich histories and cherished traditions.

With a focus on fine single-origin specialty tea, we strive to showcase their intricate aroma and flavour to you, as well as narrating their unique stories on provenance and histories through our immersive tea-inspired events, education initiatives and bespoke corporate events.

Derived from our heritage, Teakan 茶間 is not just a brand; it is a reminder for us all to make time 時間 and space 空間 for tea .

Let’s Teakan.

Meet the Founders

Claudia Tse

A curator of specialty tea and tea experience, Claudia enjoys bringing people together through tea appreciation, education and practices. A certified THAC Tea Sommelier and Chinese Tea Master with TCI, you will find her brewing traditional Gongfucha one day, while creating tea mixology and pairing on another.

Janice Chan

Jan is the Global Japanese Tea Association representative for Western Canada, a devoted chado practitioner, and Teakan’s Japanese tea specialist. As a graduate of the Japanese Tea Master Course in Kyoto, her passion is to share her knowledge and help you build a solid foundation on Japanese tea and culture through our workshops and certified courses.

Committed to making tea an immersive experience, Jan loves bridging tradition and innovation. From traditional tea tastings to modern mixology, she strives to share the joys of tea and its rich culture, inspiring your senses on a unique tea journey.

Come talk to us about all things tea and check out our collaborations with local talents in Teakan LABO.

Jan & Claudia - from Vancouver, Canada