Our Story

Teakan - Be curious and explore the world of tea

What do you think of tea? 

For us, tea was something that we grew up with, a beverage that is served at most Chinese restaurants, an after-meal drink at home or when we have guests. Our "preferred" tea was what our family preferred. This was the extent of our tea knowledge and we didn’t deviate or venture out to try something new.  

It turns out that tea is so much more than this. Did you know that all teas come from the same plant and the differences between them are based on cultivars, region and processing? How come some teas taste sweeter and some are more vegetal? Through the attempts to unlock these mysteries, we got hooked on sampling teas, knowing where they are grown and understanding how they are processed. 

We also learned that it is not always simple to learn and discover a new tea. Some teas are not commonly available. Other times the vast tea selection might just be too overwhelming to even decide where to begin. And just as important are the stories, the people and the culture behind the tea. 

Teakan was created with the intention of minimizing these barriers, by curating a small collection of quality single origins tea in a compact format, so you can have fun enjoying a variety of tea from different regions, one batch at a time. 

Let’s be curious and explore the world of tea with us.


Jan & Claudia - from Vancouver, Canada