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Wild Purple Black

Wild Purple Black

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Wild Purple Black 紫芽野紅茶

This purple black tea is harvested in mid-March from the mountainous areas west of Feng Qing. It is a wildly grown varietal that has gone thru natural mutation. Since only a very small percentage of tea plants would go thru this mutation in the wild, purple tea is never widely circulated in the tea market. For this particular purple tea, only 70kg of tea is yielded from this season.

Purple tea tended to give off a bitter taste which might not be everybody’s cup of tea. So we are glad to have found this tea that's full of fruitiness - a great representation of the unique taste from Yunnan, which some said it’s the taste of the Sun.

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Tea Info

Origin: Feng Qing, Yunnan, China
Tea Type: Black Tea
Harvested: Spring 2023
Notes: Fruity, Floral

Brewing Guide

5g | 100ml | 95c | 15 secs

4g | 250ml | 90c | 2 mins

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