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Gardenia Dancong

Gardenia Dancong

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Gardenia Dancong

With floral and sweet undertones, our Gardenia Dancong hails from the historic village of Da’an in the renowned Wudong region, famed for producing top-tier Phoenix Oolong. Sourced from 40-year-old tea trees thriving at an elevation of 950 meters, this Gardenia Dancong captivates with its delicate yet lingering mouthfeel. Infused with the subtle essence of Gardenia and boasting a nectar-like consistency, this tea promises a multi-layered sensory experience.

The Story of Phoenix Dancong

The legacy of Phoenix Dancong spans over nine centuries, tracing its origins back to the illustrious Song Dynasty. Elevated to imperial tribute status during the 16th century, this tea underwent meticulous refinement, culminating in the practice of single-bush processing. Each tea was processed from a singular tea bush, preserving the distinct flavor profiles and characteristics of its cultivar. Thus, Phoenix Dancong earned its esteemed reputation, embodying the epitome of tea craftsmanship and heritage.

Tea Info

Origin: Wudong, Chaozhou, China
Tea Type: Oolong Tea
Harvested: Spring 2023
Notes: Floral, Sweet

Brewing Guide

5g | 100ml | 98c | 5 secs

3g | 250ml | 98c | 2 mins

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