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Jasmine Curl

Jasmine Curl

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Jasmine Curl 苿莉銀螺

Jasmine tea is undoubtedly one of the most universally appreciated teas, transcending nationalities and ethnicities. Its enchanting aroma has captivated the senses of countless tea enthusiasts. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand that not all jasmine teas are created equal.

Fuzhou Jasmine tea stands out with its unique characteristic of not containing any flower petals. This distinction arises from the belief held by Fuzhou tea masters that withered flowers could impart an unpleasant taste to the tea. Instead, they take pride in keeping the unique traditional scenting technique (窨製): freshly picked jasmine flower buds are blended with the tea overnight and swiftly removed the following morning.

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Tea Info

Origin: Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Tea Type: Green Tea
Harvested: 2022
Notes: Floral, Grassy

Brewing Guide

4g | 100ml | 80c | 30 secs

3g | 250ml | 80c | 1.5 mins

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