What is Gongfucha and should you try it?

What is Gongfucha and should you try it?

When we brew our tea many ways, gongfucha brewing is always closest to our hearts. To some people, gongfucha might seems remote and meticulous, with intricate details that could be intimidating. It is true that traditional gongfucha (工夫茶), which originated from the Chou Shan area (潮汕) in the Song Dynasty, involved many steps, techniques and not to mention the many tools and patience. No doubt it is an art form with strong cultural ties and historical linkage.

However, when we talk about gongfucha brewing, we are taking the essence of gongfucha and simplified it for daily enjoyment. So, what’s the essence of gongfucha and why do we recommend it? The main idea is to brew a lot more tea leave in less water, as well as time. Here is the difference at a glance with our Moonlight White from Vol 3:

Gongfucha Brewing: 4g | 100ml | 90c | 25-30 sec

Western Brewing: 2g | 250ml | 90c | 2-3min

By doing so, you are brewing a much more concentrated tea liquor. And with the shorter brew time, you are less likely to extract too much tannins, resulting in a flavorful tea with little bitterness or astringency. What’s more, gongfucha brewing allows you to re-steep the tea multiple times. Depends on the tea, some can last for 15+ steeps. The interesting part is that you will likely to be able to experience different flavor notes from every steep, especially prominent from the initial ones. This may explain why so many people are getting hooked on gongfucha.

You might worry you will need many tools to brew. But all you really need are a teapot, teacups and maybe a fair cup.


What if you don’t have gongfucha teaware? Does it mean you need to click that “buy” button? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. You can simply apply the same brewing principle with what you already have at home. Check out our IGTV where Jan shows you how to gongfucha with simple mugs and strainer.


Beside flavorful tea with many steeps to enjoy, the bonus is the mindful and calming effect through the brewing process. It also serves as a perfect 5-minute break in a busy day, helping you stay grounded and be present.

We hope this gives you some ideas of gongfucha brewing, and enough reasons to try if you haven’t.

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