Celebrate Togetherness with Our Mother's Day Gift Set

In partnership with Arbutus Flowers, we are delighted to present a heartfelt tribute to the cherished bond between you and the special woman in your life. 

Arbutus Flowers brings the essence of nature's beauty into your home with a stunning floral arrangement, crafted with love and care. Each petal whispers tales of appreciation and admiration, a testament to the unique bond you share.

To complements the floral charm, we have thoughtfully selected two exquisite teas - Crimson Rose and Gardenia Dancong. Sip into tranquility as you indulge in the delicate notes, reminiscent of serene garden strolls and whispered conversations.

Together, let's embrace the joy of shared experiences, creating cherished memories that bloom with every sip and every glance at the enchanting floral arrangement. This Mother's Day, celebrate the irreplaceable connection you hold dear with our thoughtfully curated gift set.

Limited Mother's Day Collection

Beautiful Blooms

Show your love and appreciation with a beautiful floral arrangement from the Mother's Day Gift Sets collection by Arbutus Flowers.

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Limited Mother's Day Collection

Floral Teas

Create shared memories with your loved ones through tea. Teakan had thoughtfully curated two floral-themed teas in reusable tea tins for the Mother's Day Gift Sets, Crimson Rose and Gardenia Dancong.

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Limited Mother's Day Collection

Tea Cups

Top off your gift a pair of tea cups from Yun Space. There are four different designs to choose from to help you create a memorable Mother's Day celebration.

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