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Wild Indian White

Wild Indian White

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Wild Indian White

White teas have captured the hearts of many in the past decade with their subtle but sweet flavour and this Wild Indian White is no exception. In fact, the sundried tea leaves add a surprise layer of earthiness.

This white tea was harvested in Pherzawl located in the southern part of Manipur, India. Consisting of one bud and two leaves from untamed tea trees grown in the forest, the leaves were handpicked, withered by hand, and allowed to dry in the sun.

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Tea Info

Origin: Pherzawl, Manipur, India
Tea Type: White Tea
Harvested: 2022
Notes: Stone Fruit, Floral

Brewing Guide

3g | 100ml | 80c | 15 secs

2g | 250ml | 75c | 1 min

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