Sheng (raw) Pu’er

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Sheng (raw) Pu’er 生普洱 - 4x8g cakes

Origin: Yongde, Yunnan, China
Tea Type: Dark Tea
Harvested: Spring 2020
Notes: Vegetal, Floral

Pu'er is probably one of the trickiest tea types to break into if you have never tried it, especially since the ripe (shu/熟) version that’s full of earthy and musky tones. Yet it is an interesting tea type as it changes continuously as it ages.

This raw (sheng/生) pu’er is grown and produced in Yongde, one of the tea districts in Lincang. The beauty of this tea is that it is grown among ancient forests situated within a National Natural Reserve. Maybe that’s why there’s a hint of pristine forest in the brew. As it’s a young raw pu’er, the tea is vibrant with an astringency that changes into lingering sweetness.

Brewing Guide:

Gongfucha: 4g | 100ml | 90c | Rinse – 10-15 sec
Western: 2g | 250ml | 90c | 3 min

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