Rara Willow White

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Rara Willow White - 20g

Origin: Maipokhari, Ilam, Nepal
Tea Type: White Tea
Harvested: 2nd Flush 2020
Notes: Stone Fruit, Floral

White tea is becoming the favorite tea type in the last decade as people are falling for its delicate floral sweetness. With minimal processing to manipulate the flavor, the taste depends heavily on the quality of the tea leaves, and the Rara Willow White is definitely living up to its 7,500ft elevation promise.

This Rara Willow White is 2nd flush harvest in 2020, consisted of only one bud and one leaf. With deep respect to nature, tea pickers hand plucked the tea early in the morning and late afternoon to avoid the scotching sun, resulting in a crisp and delicate yet flavorful tea in a cheerful yellow liquor that keeps you coming back for more.

Brewing Guide:

Gongfucha: 3g | 100ml | 80c | 15 secs
Western: 2g | 250ml | 75c | 1 min

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