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Pillar White

Pillar White

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Pillar White 手捲白茶

Yunnan, known as the birthplace of the tea tree with rich tea culture and cultivation practices, has always been at the forefront of producing high-quality teas. While Pu'er tea is their star tea genre, the Yunnan tea industry constantly strives for innovation. In our previous volumes, we introduced Moonlight White and BLC White. We proudly present another unique white tea from Yunnan: Pillar White.

This white tea is crafted from the Chang Ye Bai Hao cultivar, known for its densely covered trichomes. What sets this tea apart is its hand-rolled, pillar-shaped form. This shape not only protects the delicate trichomes but also allows for easy measurement and brewing, with each pillar weighing approximately 0.5g. We personally enjoyed its sweetness and the unique vegetal and spice note, that's distinctive in Yunnan raw Pu'er.

Read our tea stories from the blog to learn more about our Pillar White.

Tea Info

Origin: Simao, Yunnan, China
Tea Type: White Tea
Harvested: Spring 2022
Notes: Fruit, Spice

Brewing Guide

3.5g | 100ml | 85c | rinse/1.5 mins
3g | 250ml | 85c | 3-4 mins

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