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Four Seasons Black

Four Seasons Black

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Four Seasons Black 四季春紅茶

Si Ji Chun (四季春), or forever spring, is a popular tea cultivar in Taiwan. As suggested by its name, this tea cultivar has extreme tenacity and treats all seasons as spring, which provides a steady supply all year round. Most Si Ji Chun is processed into oolong tea for the best result, but with tea processing technology advancement, we can enjoy a black tea version of this cultivar.

This Four Seasons Black tea was harvested in Spring 2021 from a certified organic tea plantation. While it has a lighter mouthfeel, we also love how it has a slight hint of oolong making it a very fun black tea to enjoy.

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Tea Info

Origin: Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan
Tea Type: Black Tea
Harvested: Spring 2021
Notes: Sweet, Oolong

Brewing Guide

5g | 100ml | 95c | Rinse - 40 secs

3g | 250ml | 95c | 2-3 mins

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