Love trying new teas?

Discover the world of single-origin loose-leaf tea minus the commitment of a monthly subscription with our Tea Exploration Kit.

What is the Tea Exploration Kit?

As tea lovers, we realized that it is not always simple to access and discover a new tea. That's why we created the Tea Exploration Kit, a small collection of thoughtfully curated single-origins teas, aimed to make discovering the world of tea fun and accessible.

Plus, each kit also comes with a ticket to our private virtual tea tasting event with our tea sommelier!


Sip and Savour Five Specialty Loose Leaf Teas

Inside the kit you will find five different loose leaf teas, each with its origin, histories/stories, brewing guide and simple flavour profile, so you can “explore” them through different lenses and senses. Depending on the brewing methods, there will be 3-5 servings with multiple brews for each tea, perfect for tea experiment and pairing, or simply throwing a tea tasting party. We've also included a simple tasting wheel to get you started on your tea exploration journey.


Have Fun Appreciating Their Unique Flavours and Characteristics

Whether you have just started to enjoy tea or have been a long time tea drinker, there's something new to be discovered with the Exploration Kit. If you're looking for more, join our exclusive tea tasting events where our tea sommelier will guide you on the brewing and appreciation of some of the teas included in our current kit. Join other tea lovers and lets explore the world of tea together!

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