Ya Shi Xiang (Duck Sh*t Oolong)

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Ya Shi Xiang, Phoenix Dancong 鴨屎香 - 20g

Origin: Wudong, Guangdong, China
Tea Type: Oolong Tea
Harvested: Spring 2021
Notes: Floral, Sweet

Ya Shi Xiang, which literally translates into Duck Sh*t Aroma, will take your breath away with its fragrant quality.

This Ya Shi Xiang is handcrafted by the same family farm in Wudong Village which we featured in Vol 1. The tea producer has been producing Phoenix Dancong for 80 years and is proud to preserve the cultivating and handcrafting traditions for their teas. His handcrafting process is able to capture and enhance the unique aroma from different varietals of Phoenix Oolong.

Despite having an unattractive name, the Ya Shi Xiang's popularity has been spreading like wildfire. One sniff and sip of this oolong and you'll see what the buzz is all about.

Brewing Guide:

Gongfucha: 5g | 100ml | 98c | 5 secs
Western: 3g | 250ml | 95c | 2 mins

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