Moonlight White

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Moonlight White 月光白 - 20g

Origin: Simao, Yunnan, China
Tea Type: White Tea
Harvested: Spring 2020
Notes: Sweet, Floral

Moonlight White, or Moonlight Beauty (月光美人), a white tea differed from the traditional definition in many ways, even some experts were debating whether it should be classified as Pu’er or White tea. We voted for the white tea camp. What about you?

This Moonlight White is harvested and processed by hand. But instead of the usual sun withering technique in Fujian, it’s processed indoor. The longer withering leads to slightly longer oxidation, which allows the development of a thicker and more full-body liquor.

Brewing Guide:

Gongfucha: 4g | 100ml | 90c | 25-30 sec
Western: 2g | 250ml | 90c | 2-3min

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